Store Update!

Not Closing


Anyone that has been in the central store recently will have noticed that we are undergoing some changes. In order to stay open for years to come, our 109 St Location is currently in the process of shrinking in size, but NOT CONTENT. This means that over the next few months we will be under construction, things will shift around, walls will be built, things will get a tiny bit messy. We will remain open regular hours during this time!

We will also keep all of our current movie library and it will continue to grow every week! So all in all, this is good news. Thanks in advance for your patience during this time and thanks for your continued support!

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New Releases March 18


This week we have the much anticipated releases of American Hustle and Frozen, as well as some other quality offerings:

American Hustle (trailer)
Frozen (trailer)
Kill Your Darlings (trailer)
Saving Mr. Banks (trailer)
Reasonable Doubt (trailer)
Outpost 3 (trailer)
Wedding Guest (trailer)

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New Releases March 4 & 11


March 4

12 Years a Slave (trailer)
Grandmaster (trailer)
Oldboy (2013 Remake) (trailer)
Wicked Blood (trailer)

March 7

Hunger Games: Catching Fire (trailer)

March 11

The Book Thief (trailer)
Last Days on Mars (trailer)
Inside Llewyn Davis (trailer)
Home Front (trailer)
Dark House (trailer)
Crave (trailer)
In Fear (trailer)
Out of the Furnace (trailer)

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New Releases Feb 18 & 25


Time to catch up on recent releases!

February 18

Afternoon Delight (trailer)
The Armstrong Lie (trailer)
Art of the Steal (trailer)

February 25

Blue is the Warmest Colour (trailer)
Twice Born (trailer)
Jamesy Boy (trailer)
Nebraska (trailer)
Thor 2: The Dark World (trailer)
Gravity (trailer)
Watermark (trailer)
Haunter (trailer)
Adventurer: Curse of the Midas Box (trailer)
Adventures of the Penguin King (trailer)
Game of Thrones – Season 3 (trailer)

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New Releases Feb 4 & 11


The last 2 weeks have seen the arrival of great sci-fi, action, and drama films! And some great documentaries! Check out the trailers below:

February 11

Ender’s Game (trailer)
All is Lost (trailer)
Best Man Holiday (trailer)
The Counselor (trailer)
Diana (trailer)
Anna Nicole (trailer)
How I live Now (trailer)
Austenland (trailer)
Grace Unplugged (trailer)
The Summit (trailer)
Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer (trailer)
The Armstrong Lie (trailer)

February 4th

About Time (trailer)
Escape Plan (trailer)
Dallas Buyers Club (trailer)
Free Birds (trailer)
Baggage Claim (trailer)
Scorned (trailer)
The Crash Reel (trailer)
Romeo and Juliet (2014) (trailer)

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Essential Viewing: Swimming to Cambodia


A young Spalding Gray

Spalding Gray was an American actor & writer, known for his autobiographical monologues that he wrote & performed in theatres throughout the 1980′s & 90′s. This particular 90-minute monologue is about Gray’s experiences in Southeast Asia while filming the 1984 film The Killing Fields.

Filmed in 1987 by Jonathan Demme, several years before he claimed an Oscar for his prestigious directing of the film Silence of the Lambs, Swimming to Cambodia is truly a unique film experience. While one might be convinced that 90 minutes of watching a man speak at length sitting at a small, lamp-lit table would be dreadfully boring, they could not be more wrong.

Gray speaks with an unusual cadence throughout the film that is uniquely his own; sometimes he is soft-spoken, at other times he is shouting obscenities. He speaks at length about the horrors of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. He gives us a wildly funny and frequently touching account of his experiences on the set of The
Killing Fields
& his strange encounters with nuclear bomb enthusiasts in bars.

His monologue is intensely compelling; he draws you into his world with the expertise that only a true storyteller could muster. You become a part of his experiences, his feelings; for 90 minutes you understand at least some of what it must have been like to be the one and only Spalding Gray.

His career was terribly short-lived; having passed away in 2004 of an apparent suicide. 10 years after his death, and more than 25 years after the release of Swimming to Cambodia, Gray manages to bring a unique and touching human element to the world of film. Perhaps someone like him was never meant to be a part of this world for long. May he rest in peace.

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Essential Viewing: Children of Men

It is 2027, and not a single baby has been born in nearly 20 years. The last remaining bastion of ‘civilization’ in the United Kingdom imposes terrifying & inhuman restrictions on any refugees & illegal immigrants attempting to seek refuge within the country.  The global infertility has left the rest of the world in ruins & fighting; a revolution is brewing just beneath the surface and will explode at any moment.

Children of Men is not a lighthearted film – although there are moments of humour, they are usually quickly snuffed out by the brutal reality of the situation: the future is history. Without any new humans to replenish our population, humanity is, in a word, doomed. It becomes the job of Theo Faron (Clive Owen) to escort a young, pregnant West-African refugee out of the country & deliver her into the hands of The Human Project; a scientific endeavor to cure humanity’s infertility. 

Theo is a former activist turned cynical bureaucrat who is approached (rather violently & suddenly) by his former partner (Julianne Moore) whom Theo split with when their 2-year-old son was taken from them during the 2008 flu pandemic. She is working with a revolutionary group called the Fishes, & she begs Theo to help them take Kee (Clare-Hope Ashitey) safely out of the country so that The Human Project can potentially work with her to save what is left of the world.

Watching this particular movie at this particular time on Earth is a very strange & moving experience. There are those who believe that the world would be better off without the human species entirely. We are creative, destructive, innovative, ignorant, good, evil & everything in between. The human race stands at a cross-roads at this point in time where we have infinite potential – we can bring hope, healing & love to global proportions, or we can give up & lay waste to it all. Because it’s all going to go anyway, isn’t it? 

Children of Men reminds us that we still have a choice. Who do we want to be?

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